Biking around Kleť mountain

Náměstí svornosti, Český Krumlov, Czech republic (in Český Krumlov)

for group
600 Kč


for group
600 Kč


Tomáš Kouba
Tomáš Kouba

  • summer

  • 1–4 h,
    4h – day

  • outdoor

  • kids,

  • people with condition,
    pPeople with fitness and technical ability


Let's pedal a bike to Kleť mountain where you can see spectacular views all over South Bohemia and even Alps (in good weather). From the peak of Kleť, we'll ride down on gravel tracks or forest trails to a cozy tiny rural inn beloved by locals, hidden to tourists. After refueling energy with simple meals, local vegetarian goulash or tap beer, we'll ride back to Český Krumlov.

Duration: 3 - 6 hours, depending on group fitness


Skill: some experience with mountain biking required - we'll ride our bikes on gravel roads or even gnarly forest trails, depending on your skill and wishes

Kola: you can bring your own or I can arrange their rental. Price for rental IS NOT INCLUDED and usually is around 300 CZK/day (11 EUR, 12 USD).


We'll go in any weather except for freezing and heavy rain.

Time and opening hours

Start at 2 p.m., return at approx. 6:30 p.m. But it's not fixed, you can customize it if you wish.


Depending on the weather, but usually shorts, t-shirt, jacket and sunglasses is the comfortable minimum.


Please, tell me your experience with mountain biking.

for group 600 Kč


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