Different sort of coffee every day at Café/Roastery "Ideál"

Horská 70, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Czech republic (in Český Krumlov)

150 Kč


  • summer,

  • within 1 h,
    1–4 h

  • outdoor,

  • kids,

  • disabled people,
    people without mobility restrictions,
    people with condition,
    pPeople with fitness and technical ability


Walking the town of Český Krumlov and feeling like having a cup of coffee?

But a cup of coffee, which would be a real joy?

Then there is no better recommendation for you than the Roastery "Ideál"!

The owner of the roastery - Katarína (she is actually Slovak, you might as well guess it) - will prepare your coffee from roasting to the final cup of coffee of your choice on her own. What would you like, Espresso, Latté, Cappuccino, or some rather special preparation?

And which sort of coffee would you take? From Argentine or from South Africa? Or maybe that Indonesian one... or the Peru, Chile, India, Madagaskar one? Or.... The Café - oh, I´m sorry, Roastery - "Ideál" offers a truly wide range of choices!

Time and opening hours

Every day from 10 to 19.

150 Kč


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