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Dívčí Kámen (ruins)

The ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle rise above the meeting point of Křemežský stream and the Vltava river near the Třísov village, 9 km north of Český Krumlov. A fortified community was settled there…


Zlatá Koruna Monastery

The Cistercian monastery in Zlatá Koruna is one of the most beautiful monasteries in South Bohemia. The 13th century building is located deep in the valley of the Vltava river. Parts of the…


Vyšenské hills

Make a pedestrian trip to Vyšenské hills and enjoy a beautiful nature and view.


Trip to the Granátník

The Granátník is a hill located near by a mountain called Kleť. There is a nice wooden watchtower which offers you lovely view.


Walk to a view of Krumlov

Two places, i will tell you about, are both few minutes walk from the town center and both have a beautiful view. If you want to walk away from the town go to the Mountain of the Cross (Křížová hora)…


On the track of the Devil

Between Lipno Dam and Vyšší Brod are situated 3 places called after a devil. Every one is good to visit.  


Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, is a town of infinite opportunities. Every tourist should certainly take part in a city tour that includes a visit of the famous castle, some…


Watchtower Kleť

Kleť is the highest peak of the Blanský les nature reserve. It is located 6 km from Český Krumlov. There are lots of ways to get there - by foot, bike or cable car. The hike to the top is compensated…


Boubínský forest

The Boubínský forest, a part of the Šumava foothill, is a National Nature Reserve nearby Včelná under Boubín and Horní Vltavice in the Prachatice district. This area is about 45 km away from Český…